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Benefits of Cellulite Cupping

What You Should Know About Cellulite

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not caused by a fatty diet or a lack of exercise. Instead, these lifestyle choices, combined with factors such as age, hormones, and genetics all work cohesively to form the lumpy fat deposits. Though prevalent in women, men also suffer from cellulite but it’s often accompanied by other more serious health concerns, such as low testosterone or if they are undergoing estrogen therapy. As experienced by many, cellulite can appear in even the most seemingly fit and thin individuals. It is how the fat is structured within the fascia, and not the amount of fat itself, that causes the dimpled appearance.

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The Toxic State of Cellulite

To put it simply, the state of your lymphatic system is reflected in the amount of cellulite you have. Acting as a filter and drain, lymph takes away and removes toxins from cells allowing capillaries to do a better job at infusing your body’s organs and systems with nutrients and oxygen-rich blood. When your body becomes saturated and overloaded with toxins from foods, chemicals and the environment, the lymph system clogs, circulation is diminished and fluid begins to build up. This fluid gets trapped in and around fat cells.

Just under the epidermis, lie three fat layers. The most superficial layer is the home where cellulite grows. Organized in chambers separated by septa, fat cells carrying the extra toxins and waste begin to bulge against the ever-tightening septa, creating the appearance of cottage-cheese-like lumps against the backs of thighs, buttocks and elsewhere. Women are more susceptible to cellulite because the chambers of fat within women are large and vertical, where men’s are small and diagonal, storing much less fat and less likely to push towards the outer layer of skin.

Myths of Cellulite

Myth #1 — Drinking more water reduces cellulite.

Actually, drinking an abundance of water only increases the look by flooding the blocked lymph with more hydration.

Myth #2 — If you have cellulite, you need to exercise more.

Though having less fat overall will help you avoid an abundance of cellulite, even the fittest of female athletes are annoyed by its lumpy appearance. In fact, it has been medically proven that almost all post-pubescent females possess some degree of cellulite.

Myth #3 — Liposuction can help.

Unfortunately for those who have undergone the procedure, liposuction only makes the appearance of cellulite more prominent as the tight bands of fibrous septa cause the dimpling of fat and not the fat itself. Whatever deposits exist after liposuction will just be more pronounced.

Myth #4 — A better diet means less cellulite.

Again, while less fat means fewer lumps, a person’s food choices do not prevent or reduce cellulite. However, chemical-laden food does cause more toxin-buildup and, therefore, more cellulite.

Myth #5 — Only women have to deal with cellulite.

Though men’s anatomies do make them less likely to develop cellulite, many men still experience the growth of the fatty deposits. Usually, the problem is exacerbated by low testosterone levels or increases in estrogen.


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