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All cupping services are done by Certified Health Professionals. 

Cellulite Cupping

Specifically targeting the two causes of cellulite buildup, cupping has proven to be a highly effective solution for many individuals who continue to be haunted by the fat storage issue. By stimulating blood and oxygen and flooding the affected areas with positive nutrients and hydration, cupping ensures that toxins and fats found within cellulite are more evenly dispersed and moved through the lymphatic system. When applied, the cups create a sucking and lifting motion, helping to promote effective drainage of the surrounding lymph nodes. Finally, cupping reduces the tension found within the fascia connecting the skin and muscle. The softer, more pliable fascia reduces fluid buildup, allowing the body to dispose of toxins and burn fat more efficiently. The result is a smoother, healthier appearance.

As certified cupping experts, our team has helped thousands of patients from around the world enjoy safe and surgery-free reduction of cellulite. Quick, affordable and proven to be more effective than topical solutions or liposuction, the ancient technique is recommended to both men and women of all ages who suffer from the embarrassing lumps of cellulite.

Treating any area that is susceptible to the growth of cellulite, our cupping therapies deliver exceptional results with just a few sessions. To find out more about why so people of all ages are trusting cupping therapy to diminish the appearance of cellulite, schedule your personal consultation with our team now.

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Cellulite Cupping

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