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All cupping services are done by Certified Health Professionals. 


I have found the right hands.

“I flew all the way from Florida in May after talking to Sheerin on the phone for an appointment. She took a detailed history in order to identify all my issues n recommended the necessary treatments she offers.

Its not the first time I had hijama done, I have a varied experience before, but I can easily say this was the best & most unique experience I had at Sunnah Hijama, without a doubt.

At the clinic she put me at ease & then gave me a full 19 cup hijama therapy with gliding cupping, awesome technique with a sure hand speaking her experience in this science. She applies the cuts with a feather light hand & they are so minute that the healed within a couple of days with no pain whatsoever.
This followed by abdominal cupping & fertility massage. This part was only slightly uncomfortable while doing it but very relaxing afterwards.

I have to be in Chicago again & am looking forward to see Sheerin & get hijama done. Results may take a while with my health issues but I know I have found the right hands to place my reproductive health care needs in!”

– Far F.

I do definitely recommend.

“Doing Hijama is one of the best ideas I had so far. Shireen is very nice and professional. She knows how to do the Hijama, before that I had no idea how it’s done but when I searched how it’s done. Shireen seems to know exactly how it’s done. I do definitely recommend you to try it out.”

– Ron J.

I am so grateful for Shireen + her work!

“Shireen is wonderful at what she does + I felt like I was treated individually, not just by my symptoms. The hijama treatment was personalized to exactly what I needed + she helped me feel comfortable + relaxed throughout the whole process. Dealing with chronic neck pain, back pain + emotional pain, I felt lighter + less stressed in just one treatment. I am so grateful for Shireen + her work!”

– Paige N.

I came out of it feeling fantastic.

“I came in with a head cold and with a sore back after seeing this place in the past while eating in Devon. Shireen explained the treatment in great detail and then did something called ‘gliding’. To me with seems the equivalent of a deep tissue massaged combined with cupping and I came out of it feeling fantastic, light as a feather.”

– Ben S.

Excellent service.

“Excellent service, absolutely love the fact that this place is clean. Shiren is so nice to. I went with so much stress and after getting hijama done, all stress, tension disappeared. Would recommend it to anyone!”

– Jasmine K.

Shireen is absolutely incredible.

“Shireen is absolutely incredible. I have never received gliding cupping before, but have been surprised and impressed with how it address the underlying cause of problems and not just the symptoms. Shireen is very caring and knowledgeable and genuinely invested in her patient’s happiness and recovery. She’s helping me through a lot!”

– Dilia B.

Highly recommended treatment.

“So my mother had unbearable pain for 3 weeks to the point where she could not even walk to the bathroom by herself. My dad found this clinic on Yelp, so figured we give it a shot.

After a few hours, my mother was able to walk again all because of Dr. Shireen. Words can not describe my gratitude towards her. She literally has saved me 6 weeks of calling off work and having to take care of my mother. Highly recommended treatment if you are experiencing any type of pain. :)”

– Kasim M.

Highly recommended!!!

“If you want the REAL Cupping experience, this is the place to go. Very professional, clean, and most important, authentic. So happy I found this place. I’ve had chronic low back pain and am happy I came here. She really knew what she was doing and kept comfortable and well informed of entire procedure. Highly recommended!!!”

– Acid J.

The whole experience was exactly what I wanted.

“I went to see Shireen today. I have terrible joint pain, and I was told by a few different surgeons they would need to cut me or burn my nerves. Shireen was kind and patient and explained the cupping process, the beliefs behind it and how it will help my condition and overall well being. I found it fascinating, and her passion and knowledge was beyond reassuring. (Earlier in the week I went to a place for cupping and the chriopractor could only tell me to drink a lot of water after, I also had the sharpest pains Ive had in quite awhile).

Shireen took her time and as the other review stated, she takes her time, walks you through the whole process, and checks that you are ok from start to finish.
She also gave me a sample of the cupping facial. It leaves no marks, but does make your skin brighter and fresh looking.

My joint pain feels great, I was having many sharp pains this week. I had a pretty intensive session, but it was needed and so far is feeling very good. Shireen called and checked on me to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions. I will and would definitely recommend Shireen and S$S Medical Center for Cupping, even if there is not a major ailment. I do plan on returning.

The whole experience was exactly what I wanted, Someone who knows what they are doing, has a passion and truly believes in her passion and practice.
Thank You Shireen, I look forward to returning.”

– M.G.

I had a nice experience.

“I had a nice experience with SS medical center. I meet the requirement what I was looking.”

– Fahad U.